Morgan Shepherd for District 4, Utah

I don't fit into a formula.

Neither do you. 

Neither do the issues we face.

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What do I want as a candidate? 


The same thing I want as a voter.  I want to feel like our interests and concerns are being heard and being represented on a community, state, and national level.  I want to feel like our representatives are setting and holding a standard for politics and interactions in which hostility and derisiveness are discouraged instead of propagated, and where fear mongering is not tolerated. I have been waiting for a candidate to come forward who was more concerned with policy and representation than soundbites and limelight.  Why am I running?  Because I want more people like you and like me to care, to run, to vote. 


A little about me

I love long walks on the beach, my favorite season is fall, and my favorite economic model is the Scalene Impossible Trinity (Don't swipe left just yet). 

Writing these things is tough- what does one say in a paragraph that embodies and conveys the intense passion and determination it takes to motivate someone to run for office?  Click below to learn a little more about me. 

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My Goals

What are my #goals? What is it that I want to see happen if elected to represent District 4? 

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Speak up! I'm listening

What is important to you?  Do you feel like you are currently being heard?  Are your interests being represented?  Are your concerns being addressed?  

Let's talk. 

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